Writing PD: A Workshop on Interpreting, Accounting and Novel Forms of Reporting

This workshop asks participatory designers and researchers to consider how they write about their work and what role there is for novel approaches to expression, forms drawn from other disciplines, and open and playful texts. As we bring social science and humanities sensibilities to bear on designing with others; as we conduct experiments in infrastructuring and sociotechnical assemblages; as we ask what participation means in different contexts and types of futuring, can we find voice to match our innovations? How do reflexivity, positionality, autobiography and auto-ethnography fit into our reflections on designing? How far are we making our practice even as we write? Is the page a contemplative or collaborative space? Does the tyranny of the conference paper overwrite everything? Join us for this day of reading, writing and discussion about how we tell the stories that matter most to us.

Full workshop proposal including call for position papers can be found here. Details on how to submit are linked on the Position Papers page.

Important dates:
• July 1st 2016: Workshop participant submission deadline
• July 15th 2016: Notification to workshop participants
• August 16th 2016: PDC 2016 workshop

The workshop takes place as part of PDC in Aarhus.